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It has taken a decade for us to get to this point. Through the highs and lows of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) we stuck by because one day we knew it would lead up to this moment. A moment where Thanos would take center stage and it would require every hero in this universe […]

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Something About Reviews

I see around social media the rise of people who complain about negative reviews. They say that the reviews aren’t fair, or that the critics just have no idea what they’re talking about. These opinions have started to becomes more popular due to the DC comic movies that have been released this year. Both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad have been subject to heavy criticism and it has caused a backlash that has started to create a rift between critics and other movie goers.

I never really understood the idea of someone who complained about reviews though. People want to look at a place like Rotten Tomatoes and say that they’re wrong because they feel a different way about a certain movie. People have to keep in mind that a review for anything is just someone’s opinion. The amount of weight it holds is completely up to the person reading or watching (for video reviews) them.

As someone who loves to write reviews and express my thoughts on movies, anime, or whatever else i feel like covering, it sucks to see these types of reactions. I don’t expect people to agree with me 100% and I don’t think that my review is the only opinion that matters. I write them because I like to get my thoughts out and get feedback from others. And even if you liked something that I didn’t like, it’s not a bad idea to listen to differing opinions. Maybe I look at a certain aspect you don’t and vice versa, or we value certain parts of the movie differently.

This to me is the beauty of reviews and why I watch video reviews these days. They give their opinion on a bunch of different formats for the sake of entertainment and expressing their thoughts. What do you guys think?

An Ex Dating Your Friend

This is a pretty weird topic because I know a lot of people have way different opinions on this, so I figured I would give mine.

This recently came to my mind on Tuesday when ESPN First Take talked about a member of the San Francisco 49ers dating his teammate’s ex and how that created locker room and personal trouble.  That same day I happened to be talking to my most recent Ex who I have a pretty complicated relationship with. There’s still love between us but we both know that us trying again probably won’t happen. We were sitting down talking and she asked me if I would be mad if she decided to move on. Honestly, I wouldn’t be mad because I want her to be happy even if it isn’t me who is supplying the happiness. She then mentioned that it’s because she felt herself becoming attracted to one of my friends and wanted to get to know him better. I told her I would not be happy about that. While I don’t mind her moving on I definitely am against her dating one of my friends.

Before I go further I think it’s important that I say that I am not trying to control her. She is free to do as she pleases. Nobody owns her or has the right to make decisions for her.

I would have a problem with it simply because of a lack of respect it shows from both my friend and her. In my mind if you’re really my friend then once you see me with a girl she should be seen as off limits from there on. I’ve had this conversation with a lot of people in the past and I’ve come to the conclusion that if someone can’t respect that boundary then I would have to reconsider that person as a friend. Now this doesn’t apply to every ex I’ve ever had, but it does apply when it comes to an ex that I’ve explicitly expressed deep feelings for.

There’s also a humiliating side to this as well. Seeing someone you’re around a lot go out with someone you’ve cared deeply for isn’t a good feeling. Some people might not think about that and others might not be phased by that, but just the thought of it makes me feel uncomfortable. The girl in this situation should be aware of this and take it into consideration. It would be like if I tried to go after one of her friends. In my mind I know she wouldn’t like it and because I have respect for her I wouldn’t dare cross that line. I would be risking a friendship even though I know there are plenty of other girls out there. I know you can’t help who you like, but certainly can help who you go after.

Yeah I know this is way different from my other recent posts, but I figured I would take the time out to vent a bit about the topic.


DeadPool Is Awesome

So Deadpool was everything I hoped it would be. From beginning to end I could not stop laughing at all. Honestly, i’m not sure what that actually says about my sense of humor because most of the jokes were way out there. Either way I enjoyed this movie so much more than I expected and it made my weekend that much more awesome.

I have to give credit to Ryan Reynolds and the other producers for holding this so close to them and not giving up on this movie being made. The test footage we saw a couple of years back was apparently made 4 years and the script was said to be written about 6 years ago. Pretty much the first movie appearance of Deadpool happened Reynolds was determined to get an honest adaptation put on the big screen. It turned into this 11 year journey that most fans would agree was worth it.

I can’t wait to see how the Deadpool sequel comes together and I am curious if they will include him in the X-Men movies anywhere down the road. There are rumors that the next Wolverine movie is going to be rated R and if that happens I wouldn’t be surprised to see a cameo from the merc with the mouth.

I honestly have so much to say about this movie that I actually wrote a full length review. You could check that out here

The page is one that me and a few friends from a club i’m apart of write reviews for the rest of our club members to see. I had a lot of fun writing this one and wouldn’t mind if more people saw it.


My Love For The NFL

For as long as I could remember I’ve been a fan of the NFL. It all started back when I was 9. I was flipping through the channels and came across a San Diego Chargers game. I instantly loved their uniforms and from that day on I was a fan. Now I know the Chargers didn’t really have a great season, but I love them anyway and root for them regardless of circumstance.

The great thing about football though is that there are 31 other teams and I’ve watched them play too. Some of these players have absolutely defined my love for the sport and I admire their skill every time they take the field. LaDainian Tomlinson is my favorite player of all time without question. The amazing things I’ve seen that guy do on the field had me trying to emulate him despite not having any of the skill he possesses.

My other favorite has to be Brett Favre. While there are aspects of his game that would keep him from being on a lot of people’s “top 5 quarterbacks” list, he is undoubtedly my favorite QB. No one I have ever seen has been able to grab my attention like he has. The magic he could do throwing the ball because he wasn’t scared to take chances was such a thrill to watch. It reminds me of backyard football and all of the memories I have playing football on the streets with my friends.

I mention these guys because after Today’s playoff games we move into an AFC championship game that features the two premiere Quarterbacks of our generation. These guys for as long as I can remember have defined the position and are two of the greatest to ever play the game. Tom Brady has been a standard of excellence in the post season over his career, while Peyton Manning is easily the greatest regular season QB of all time.

Every single time these two face off it catches the eye of every football fan, and next week should be no different. There will be a different feel to this game for me at least, because I have a strong feeling this is the last time we will see it. I think back to all of the other games they have played and it is sad that this rivalry will likely come to an end. I have so much respect for Manning as a player that I would hate to see him go, but his body looks like it is finally catching up to his age. While his mind for the game might be unmatched, he simply isn’t throwing as well.

This is already a season that saw 3 greats in Jonathan Vilma, Reggie Wayne, and Charles Woodson retire. I think it would be fitting that Peyton Manning would retire the same year as the man who helped him become established as one of the greatest ever. Manning to Wayne was automatic, and when they split up it didn’t seem right. Actually, Manning being a Bronco is still a bit weird for me to see because I’ll always associate him with the Colts. The wars he would go through with my Chargers and headaches he left me with after some of those games are things I will likely never forget.

I see that a lot of these great players that have established my love for the game are slowly being cycled out. While it is sad, it’s also exciting to know that there are younger players out there that are amazing and a treat to watch on the field. As for my prediction for this year, I think the Cardinals beat the Patriots in the Superbowl. Knowing me i’ll be way off but it’s cool because that’s why they play the game.


Creed Delivers

Yesterday morning i started my day by going to an early viewing of the Creed movie. As a fan of the Rocky franchise I wondered what this movie could possibly bring to the table. What I found was a movie that parallels the original Rocky movie in a lot of ways, but carries itself very nicely.

Let me start by saying that Michael B. Jordan is a good actor. I like him in this role and he really brought it in this film. As good as he was though, it really couldn’t compare to Stallone’s portrayal of Rocky. At this point Rocky is one of the most iconic characters in pop culture, and Stallone at the age of 69, was still able to channel the presence and charm that Rocky brought to all of the previous films.

I think it’s worth mentioning that Stallone did not write this movie, which made me curious as to how the dialogue involving Rocky would change. It did end up changing a bit, and I found Rocky saying things that seemed out of character for him. There is a moment in the film where Rocky talks about giving up, which to me is the opposite of what Rocky stands for. Even though it seemed out of character for him to say it, I didn’t find that it bastardized the character in any way. Instead, it came across as heartfelt and genuine as Rocky often does when he has long dialogue. It took me a while to really understand that the things he’s saying is coming from an old man who has lost pretty much everyone important to him. It was an emotional moment for me to come to the realization that Rocky may have ran out of reasons to fight. What I’m trying to say here is that the script was good.

The actual fights in Creed prove that we have come a long way from the fights in the original Rocky movie. These fights are way more realistic and create an atmosphere that more closely resembles an actual boxing match. The camera angles that are used have changed as well. Instead of the multiple quick cuts when punches are thrown, we are given long panning shots that certainly add to the moments. Punches come across as deadlier than ever before and it added further to the intensity.

The music was one of my favorite things about the movie. We all know the iconic Rocky songs that have been used before, and in this movie we see some of those songs return. One of the songs was actually remixed into Creed’s training song, and it is one that can absolutely get you pumped up. I found myself at the edge of my seat when Creed was doing his run through the neighborhood. The soundtrack is intense and in your face multiple times in the movie. It also features songs from Meek Mill who is a Philadelphia rapper so it makes sense.

Overall, this was a really good movie experience. It was a movie that had me emotionally invested in the Creed and Rocky character as they built their relationship. The fights reached a new level of quality and the music made me feel like I was on steroids. If you’re a fan of the Rocky franchise then do yourself a favor and watch this movie. I expect there to be sequels to this movie, and i will be impatiently waiting for them to arrive.



I watched Star Wars and Wasn’t Impressed

After watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens last night I was confused as to why the movie had gotten such high praise from people. What I saw last night was a movie that pandered to its fans and played it extremely safe. It was actually quite disappointing considering the potential this movie showed through the trailers. I guess the mega fans appreciated the crazy amount of fanservice that was given to them, but for me it didn’t do much. I’ve seen all of the previous movies but never considered myself too crazy about the franchise. I find it to be okay while I know a lot of others love it and have a sentimental attachment to the them. For this movie, I just expected more.

Don’t get me wrong though, it wasn’t all bad. The movie looked absolutely beautiful and succeeded from a technical standpoint. It’s when you get passed the aesthetics that the movie starts to show its flaws.

While the acting was way better than I had originally thought it would be, the character development seemed VERY rushed. There were times when I just found certain reactions to events to be unbelievable.

The villains were the biggest fault of the movie. None of them appeared to be a real threat and I feel like Kylo Ren was a miscast. Adam Driver tried to play the part well, but he just doesn’t have the look for it. I never saw him as a threat and it took away from the experience.

The last thing that i noticed was how tame the movie was. I know there were a few explosions and some decent space battle scenes, but overall the action was lackluster. This is something i expect to get better as we get into episode 8 and 9 as the stakes will continue to rise. I still can’t give it a pass because when i left the theater i felt like there was much more to be desired when it came to the action.

Overall the movie is worth a watch, and maybe multiple watches if you are a hardcore fan of the franchise. There are just issues with it that I couldn’t overlook. I’m a bit scared for the franchise because the relied heavily on past material to carry them through this movie. What happens when they have to stray away from that material? Who knows but I’ll be watching to find out.